LIPAD 5 Empowering Communities Through Data: Utilizing CBMS for Local Development

January 28, 2022

Tat Gualberto

CBMS: What again is it? The Community-Based Monitoring System aka CBMS for short is a tool.

It is specially designed to enhance the capacity of any LGU to improve the lives of its constituents through a well-designed system to collect and process data that will lead to formulating specific plans addressing social, health, education, disaster and other challenges. CBMS is a key ingredient in developing a comprehensive development plan.

CBMS encourages community participation. You and I take part in the entire process.
This is governance in action. Let us hear from our speakers, experts and practitioners as well as the Philippine Statistics Authority that is tasked to implement the CBMS Law.

Join us once again on our first LIPAD session for 2022 via Zoom:
February 4, 2022, a Friday
9:00am – 12:00pm

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