Inopacan, Leyte

Profile and Area of Focus

A 4th class municipality in Leyte, Inopacan dreams big.

A farming and fishing municipality of 20 barangays, many of which are located along the coastline and one small island, it envisions to be a prime agri- aqua- and ecotourist municipality by using data and technology to develop its plan.

It will consolidate and systematize data on agriculture, fisheries, and tourism to identify the gaps and capacities of its farmers, fishers, and their communities. New technologies and scientific methods will be used in production and protection of its natural resources and people. Local policies on data collection and data sharing standards will be developed.

Local coalitions will be strengthened and more members from CSOs, universities and the private sector will be encouraged to join. Capacity building will be provided and public education campaigns on the importance of data for development will be conducted.

Local Coalition Members

  • Local Government of Inopacan, Province of Leyte
  • Visayas State University – Main (Baybay)
  • Apid Fishermen and Boat makers Association (AFBMA)
  • Inopacan Fisherfolks Association
  • Inopacan Kulinarya Association (IKA)
  • Inopacan Sea Liner Association (ISLA)
  • Marao Agrarian Reform Farmers Association (MARFA)
  • Hinabay Upland Farmers Association (HUFA)


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