Irosin, Sorsogon

Profile and Area of Focus

Irosin is a 2nd class municipality located south of Sorsogon Province. The only landlocked town in the province, Irosin’s economy is largely agricultural and prides itself as Sorsogon’s food basket. The main sources of livelihood are rice and coconut production and farm labor.

The municipality is a caldera town; it was formed by a major eruption of a volcano several thousand years ago. Today, the landscape of Irosin is surrounded by mountains with vast fields and is known for its bountiful bodies of water—rivers, lakes, streams, creeks, waterfall, and hot and cold springs—with generous flora and fauna. Irosin is becoming a tourist destination.

With an eye on economic and social development, and ecotourism, the LGU wants to do it right by using evidence-based interventions and policies. It wants to build a customized Community-Based Monitoring Information System (CBMIS) for data collection, appropriate updating, storage, collation, retrieval and sharing system to enable each LGU department or section to access. It will first focus on the agricultural sector that will draw data from the CBMIS, link datasets about the farming community to the different LGU departments and other government agencies at different levels. The generated information will be available in easy-to-use platforms for farmers and agricultural practitioners, even to those with limited IT know-how.

And one of the first steps of doing it right is a pledge from organizations of farmers, women, and cooperatives, units of LGUs, and a university to work together to build their customized CBMIS.

Local Coalition Members

  • Local Government Unit of Irosin, Sorsogon Province
  • Sorsogon State University
  • Liga ng mga Barangay
  • DepEd representatives in the Local School Board
  • Lingap Para sa Kalusugan ng Sambayanan (LIKAS)
  • Sandigan ng Magsasaka
  • Samahan ng Magsasaka ng Irosin
  • Irosin Cooperatives and Irrigators Associations (SAFSCO, GaSaNaMuDeCo., IrFaDeCo, etc.)
  • Malaya Ka/Sorsogon Women’s Network


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