Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat

Profile and Area of Focus

After laying down arms and weapons, the people of Palimbang have begun to turn things around.

Palimbang, a 2nd class municipality of Sultan Kudarat, has suffered heavily from the armed conflict that raged for four decades. Its bloody history also includes the deadly clan wars or rido. The municipality remained underdeveloped; its people impoverished.

But in recent years, the effects of peace and development projects have slowly brought in economic growth in Palimbang. Business establishments have sprung up such as hotels and restaurants to serve tourists who have become aware of the municipality’s pristine beaches, mountains, and waterfalls.

Still one of the poorest municipalities in Region 12, Palimbang however continues to keep its eye on the ball. It has identified tourism and business as its priorities, next to agriculture, for its medium-term plan. Along with this plan, the LGU has decided to set up a geotagging system in mapping out its development plan.

The LGU will continue to draw in the participation of CSOs, the private sector and academe to build a new narrative for Palimbang.

Local Coalition Members


  • Joenim Kapina, Municipal Mayor
  • Mohaymin Mamadsual, Focal Point Person for COLLABDev; Staff, Mayor’s Office
  • Maliha Mustapha, Local Youth Development Officer Designate, Executive Office
  • Candao Bationg, Acting MPDC, Alternate Point Person for COLLABDev
  • Joanne Zoe Egonia, Acting Tourism Head
  • Yasser Arafat Tuanadatu, LDRRMOIII
  • Jasmine Suleik, Acting MHO
  • Sarima Dipatuan, Municipal Accountant
  • Soraima Akmad, Municipal Agriculture Officer
  • Omar Ebrahim, Municipal Engineer
  • Samsoddin Uy, Department Head, Budget Office
  • Maria Zaira Lascuña, Acting MSWDO

Sangguniang Bayan Members:

  • Meheit Talicop
  • Janifa Pangansayan
  • Zakiya Sabiwang
  • Mosaban Aliding
  • Sucony Pendatun
  • Abubacar Abdullah
  • Mhark Siokon
  • Mamako Pangansayan
  • Moahammad Waling
  • Vilma Bonifacio

Sultan Kudarat State University (Main Campus):

  • Dr. Rolando Hechanova, University President
  • Dr. Rodelyn Dalayap, Research Director

(Palimbang Campus):

  • Dr. Hubaida Mamalinta, Campus Director
  • Randy Mayo, Campus Research Coordinator, Focal Person for COLLABDEV
  • Fahmiya Kirab, Campus GAD Coordinator, Alternate Point/Focal Person for COLLABDev
  • Christopher Blasurca, Data Collector

PASALI Foundation


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