Salcedo, Eastern Samar

Profile and Area of Focus

Salcedo, a 5th class municipality that is located at the southeastern part of Samar Island has 41 barangays, 26 of which are coastal. It lies along the pathway of typhoons that often visit the country.

It has only a small population of 22,136 or an estimated 5,201 households (2020) whose main sources of livelihood are fishing and farming. Its poverty incidence is a high 40.09%.

But determined to make their lives better, one of the priorities of the municipality is to develop an online market information of their products and crops. This plan aims to bridge the gap between the local producers of agricultural and fishery products and consumers in Salcedo as well as in their neighboring towns.

The data system will be built through a concerted effort of the LGU, the Eastern Samar State University and farmers groups and entrepreneurs.

Local Coalition Members:

  • Local Government of Salcedo, Province of Eastern Samar
  • Eastern Samar State University-Main Campus
  • Kusog han Kababayen-an han Salcedo (KaKaSa)
  • Farmers Entrepreneurs Association-Agrarian Reform Cooperative (FEA-ARC)




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